Youth Sports and Activities

The Y Youth Sports program maximizes the positive effects of playing sports by emphasizing healthy competition and promoting teamwork along with individual development. The Y focuses on the life lessons to be learned from sports and coaches strive to instill a positive self-image in each player. Playing time is guaranteed for everyone. Of course, family involvement is always welcomed and encouraged.

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For the complete list of classes being offered during this session and applicable fees, download a copy of the current Program Guide on the Programs page. Contact Tyler Behling, Youth & Sports Director, at 920.921.3330 ext. 357 or for more information on our youth sports programs. 

Volunteer Coaches Needed!

Volunteer coaches are needed for all of our Youth Sports programs. Appropriate lesson plans and training are provided for the programs. This small investment of your time will have a great impact on the children enrolled in the program. If you are interested in volunteering as a coach or have any other questions on coaching, please contact Tyler Behling, Youth & Sports Director, at 920.921.3330 ext. 357 or