Spring/Summer Youth Sports

Please refer to the Programs page for the current Program Guide of programs and classes available for registration.

Flag Football 

Offered Spring Session Only

This program uses volunteer coaches to develop skills through modified, age-appropriate games.

K-Grade 1: Teams will practice for the first two weeks and play games for the final four weeks.

Grade 2-4: 6-on-6 league uses real game play to teach football rules, strategies and skills. Kids set plays, running or passing to achieve first downs and to score. Teams will practice for the first two weeks and play games for the final four weeks.

Beginners Tee Ball

Offered Spring & Summer Sessions

In partnership with the Fond du Lac Dock Spiders This beginner level program is designed for kids who are just beginning in the sport of baseball. Kids will be taught the fundamentals of the sport. Throwing, catching, fielding balls, hitting off tee and pitched ball, and base-running will be heavily emphasized through drills and controlled game play. Teams will consist of no more than 6 players per team to allow for more opportunities to hit and field the ball during game play. 

Youth Racquetball

Offered Spring Session Only 

Open to youth grades 4-8, these lessons are designed to teach kids the basic rules and skills of the great sport of racquetball!

Youth Cheerleading

Offered Spring Session Only

This is a recreational program designed to teach cheerleading fundamentals. Participants will learn chants, jumps, basic stunts, and dance. They will also get the opportunity to cheer at flag football games in the Spring Session. 

Beginners Cheer (Age 5-7): Designed for children new to cheerleading.

Intermediate/Advanced Cheer (Age 6-7): 6 and 7 year olds must have previously completed two YMCA cheer sessions.

Youth Dance

Offered Spring Session Only 

The genres of dance that may be covered in YMCA Dance are Creative Movement, Ballet and Jazz. Students are welcome to wear traditional dance attire, including tights, leotards, and ballet slippers; this is not required. Any clothing that the student can move and have fun in is acceptable. Socks or softer shoes are recommended. 

Little Steppers (Age 3-4): Students will learn creative movements that are fun, educational and age appropriate. Class sized is limited to 12 participants

Intro to Dance (Age 5+):Students will learn pre-Ballet and creative movements that are fun, educational and age appropriate for ages 5 and up. Students will also be introduced to Ballet terminology. A short dance will be performed on the last day of class.

NEW! Acting Lessons

Offered Spring & Summer Session 

Let your child’s inner entertainer emerge in one of our new acting classes! Students will be encouraged to express themselves through a variety of different activities. No experience necessary! 

Monkey Business (Age 6-9): Does your child want to be an actor, but is unsure of where to start? This acting and improv class is going to cover the basics of acting and improv with games and activities. 

Go Big! (Age 10-13): This acting and improv class will teach you how to gain stage presence, acting basics, and improv techniques in a fun environment filled with games and activities. In this class you will work in groups, solo, and partners!

NEW! Intro to Dance Team

Offered Summer Session Only 

The Fond du Lac High School Dance Team members and coaches are excited to give younger students a taste of team dancing! This class will teach basic skills, fundamental technique, and fun choreographed routines. There will be a performance opportunity each session at Fondy Junior football and basketball games.

Mini Dance Team (Grade 1-4)

Junior Dance Team (Grade 5-8)

Junior Dance Team level will have the opportunity to attend and compete at a competition in the fall and winter session.

NEW! Disc Golf

Offered Summer Session Only 

Combining the sport of golf and the art of throwing a frisbee in this fun, new 8-week program that is sure to challenge you both physically and mentally. Learn basic fundamentals and how to play disc golf with a registered semi-professional disc golf player! The Fond du Lac Family YMCA will provide discs to use, but participants are encouraged to bring their own. (Age 7-11)

NEW! Golf Program

Offered Summer Session Only 

Just getting started or just letting them play, this class is for you! This eight- week lesson program is designed for the new and advanced golfer alike. This course will provide you with the proper fundamentals to get you started or perfect those already sick moves. (Age 7-11)

NEW! Girls Intro to Softball

Offered Summer Session Only 

This is a developmental level and competition should not even be an aspect at this level. The goal is to make sure players have a great time, learn the basics, good sportsmanship, and want to continue to the competitive divisions in the future.(Age 6-8)