Fond du Lac Family YMCA Directors

Greg Giles

Executive Director/CEO | [email protected] | x313

J.J. Raflik 

Associate Executive Director | [email protected] | x318

Kim Laws

Director of Mission Impact | [email protected] | x315

Kristel Lougher 

Director of Leadership Experience (HR) | [email protected] | x326

Jen Memmel 

Director of Marketing & Communications | [email protected] | x322

Tyler Behling

Youth & Sports Director and Volunteer/Togetherhood Staff Advisor | [email protected] | x357

Rick Cullen

Property Director | [email protected] | x335

Ben Giles

Member Engagement Director and Youth In Government Advisor | [email protected] | x319

Sandi Harlan 

Child Care Director | [email protected] | x320

Jennie Mildebrandt

Aquatics and Family Director | [email protected] | x317

Kate Mueller

Finance Director | [email protected] | x310

Mary Jo Neumann

Healthy Living Director | [email protected] | x336

Fond du Lac Family YMCA Coordinators

Kim Dean & Theresa Gerner

Gymnastics Coordinator & Gymnastics Administrator | [email protected] | 920.933.3499

Shelli Dekker

Child Care Coordinator | [email protected] | x 321

Sherry Ferraro

Family Enrichment Coordinator | [email protected] | x306

Jamie Gulbrand

Facilities Coordinator | [email protected]  x356

Ericka Kramer

Personal Training Coordinator | [email protected] | x348

Cheyenne Malterer

Marketing Coordinator | [email protected] | x311

Ricardo Rosado

Facilities Coordinator | [email protected] x 303

Barb Seidel 

Group Exercise Coordinator | [email protected] | x303 

Joyce Sesing

Active Older Adult Coordinator | [email protected] | x303