get your workout in, on your own schedule!

24/7 access is coming in november!

Making time to exercise is the first step to a healthier, more active lifestyle. We know everyone has a different schedule. That's why the Fond du Lac Family YMCA is excited to soon be offering 24/7 access year-round. Starting in November, the Y will be giving you the opportunity to achieve your goals when it is convenient for YOU. Qualifying members will have unlimited access to our Wellness Center, Family Gym and Studio 4 classes on-demand, any time, day or night.

To apply for access, you fill out the 24/7 must sign a 24/7 access waiver and agree to abide by our policies, pass a background check, take the 24/7 member orientation tour, and upgrade for $5/month per member.

applications are being accepted starting october 1st.

Available to adult members of the fond du lac family ymca, ages 19+.

24/7 FAQ

how to apply for 24/7 access

step 1. fill out the 24/7 application (completed in person at the y)

step 2. take the required 24/7 member orientation tour 

step 3. receive notification of application approval

step 4. stop in to pay for & be issued your 24/7 access key fob