What is it?

Yoga postures focus on correct alignment, strength building, range of motion, breathing techniques, and deep revitalizing relaxation.

Family Yoga is an introductory yoga class designed for parents and children ages 5 and up to take together. 

Vinyasa Yoga is a strengthening flow class; postures lead into postures in a series of movoements that are synchronized with the breath; Vinyasa Yoga works on the body and mind in distinct ways, promoting a healthy body and mind.  Vinyasa yoga is often faster paced; upward movements correlate with inhalations of the breath and downward movements with exhalations.

Yoga Flow is a blend of yoga postures done in a sequence of movements.

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Why should I try Yoga?

In our modern day culture, yoga offers an oasis of calm, steadiness and community.  Yoga has been in existence over 5,000 years with proven benefits:  balance of cardiovascular, respiratory and nervous systems, increased strength, range of motion, flexibility, focus and self awareness.

Yoga has been documented to decrease anxiety, depression, stress, physical aches and pains, and unhealthy lifestyle choices.

Yoga tips

If taking a yoga class for the first time, here are some guidelines:

What to bring - You can bring a water bottle, towel and yoga mat.  The studio does have mats, blocks and belts that you can use during class if you do not have your own.

What to wear - Your attire should be lightweight and comfortable and not too loose and should be able to stretch with you as you stretch.

Inform your instructor - If you have any injuries or concerns, let your instructor know prior to class.

Fitness - Yoga is for anyone trying to regain strength, muscle tone and increased flexibility.  You do not need to be flexible in order to start a yoga practice; that will come with time and continued practice.