Studio Safety Guidelines & Etiquette

  1. Please RESPECT other members and guests & wait until live or virtual classes have ended before setting up equipment for a following class. With more classes now available to experience in each studio, equipment set up and take down time will be limited before & after class.  

  2. Please REFRAIN from adjusting the set volume for virtual fitness classes.  The sound for these classes is set to an appropriate volume to give members the best class experience possible.  

  3. Out of COURTESY to other members and guests, do not interrupt fitness classes that are in session.  

  4. It is your RESPONSIBILITY to put away all equipment used in live or virtual fitness classes.

  5. For everyone’s SAFETY, all fitness classes have age limits.  Children under the age of 11 are not permitted to take a live or virtual group fitness class or be in the studio while a class is in session unless the class is age specific for children or families. Children under 8 taking age appropriate classes must be accompanied by an adult. Check the studio fitness schedules for available classes.  Child Watch is available for children under age 11 if needed.

  6. Equipment for each fitness class is provided.  Personal items & equipment are not permitted in the studios.  Please use lockers.

  7. Food, drink and gum is not permitted in the studios, other than water.