1. Please shower before and after steam room use.

  2. Limit use to 10 minutes. Lengthy exposure may be hazardous to your health and may result in nausea, dizziness or fainting.

  3. Steam room use is for adults age 18 and older only. Maximum 7 people at a time.

  4. Aerobic exercise is prohibited in the Steam Room.

  5. Steam Room is not recommended immediately after intense physical activity or after whirlpool use.

  6. Patrons with epilepsy, cardiovascular or respiratory problems, heart disease, and diabetes or high/low blood pressure should not use the steam room. Also any person under the influence of alcohol or drugs may not use the steam room. 

  7. Shaving, scents, or washing of body is not allowed.

  8. Enter and exit slowly and cautiously.

  9. Appropriate clothing must be worn at all times. The steam room is for co-ed use; wearing only a towel is NOT appropriate.

  10. Do not wear rubberized plastic clothing.

  11. Pregnant women should consult a physician before using.

  12. A duress button is located inside the steam room for emergencies.