Bank Draft Authorization 

The Bank Draft Authorization is signed upon joining the Y and is kept on file.

The YMCA Bank Draft Plan is a continuous membership plan. Membership will remain in effect until written notice of cancellation is provided to the YMCA. Failure to provide at least 5 days written notice will result in that months draft being non-refundable.

Bank Account Change

If a member changes banks or switch bank accounts, a written notice of change must be provided to the Y, by completing a membership change form and providing a voided/canceled check or appropriate bank form for the new account, a minimum of 5 days prior to the next draft date. If a payment is missed as a result of a change, it is the members responsibility to make the payment directly to the YMCA.

Membership Rate Changes

The YMCA reserves the right to adjust membership rates as necessary, which a member agrees to pay upon at least 30 days advance written notice. Should a member choose to rejoin the YMCA after 30 days have passed, rejoining members will be charged the applicable joiner fee upon reinstatement.

Membership Cancellation

It is a members responsibility to verify that any cancellation was successful and that the YMCA is no longer taking membership fees out of an account. The YMCA is not responsible for reimbursing membership fees for more than 3 months after my date of cancellation, including joiner fee

Upon joining, a member authorizes the Fond du Lac Family YMCA to charge their account for the monthly YMCA membership fees, provided there are sufficient collected funds their account to pay the same upon presentation. Upon joining, a member agrees that rights in respect of such charge shall be the same as if it were a check drawn on my account and signed personally by me. This authority is to remain in effect until revoked by a member in writing.  Upon joining, a member further agrees that if any such charge would not be honored, whether with or without cause and whether intentionally or inadvertently, the YMCA shall be under no liability whatsoever, even though such dishonored charge may result in the forfeiture of services. Should any pre-authorized charge not be honored by said bank when received by them, then it is understood that said payment will be made by me, plus any resulting service charges.

Non-sufficient Funds

A $30 fee is charged for all non-sufficient funds (NSF) at draft time.