Active Older Adults 

The YMCA offers many fitness class options that are ideal for active older adults, and welcomes AARP® Medicare Supplement Program, Renew Active, Silver&Fit®, and SilverSneakers® members.  You will receive a strong sense of belongingness and a network of friends who provide supportive communities for sustained health and well-being.

Group fitness classes are designed to improve cardiovascular fitness as well as muscular strength and endurance while increasing range of motion and flexibility. Our self-paced conditioning classes are suitable for all fitness levels with the added benefit of being low impact and gentle on the joints. A variety of equipment will be utilized to personalize your workout. All group fitness classes are free to members. 



We will meet the last Thursday of each month to discuss the book we're reading and to pick a new one! We will choose a new book every 1-2 months. Books will be provided. Join us for some fabulous reads and good discussions!

Last Thursday of each month
11:45 am - 12:45 pm
Fond du Lac Family YMCA Board Room

Group Fitness Classes

Refer to the Schedules page for a complete schedule of land and water fitness classes offered in our studios and the Community Gym.



Zumba Gold Toning::  High energy Zumba class suitable for all ages - from kids to seniors. Join the party, highlighting the basics of Latin and international dance rhythms.


Breathe & Move :: Seated or Standing Tai Chi and Yoga inspired movements in a flowing sequence to progress strength, balance and focus.

Deep Stretching ::  This class incorporates traditional yoga moves, but will also rotate focus on different areas of the body that often need more attention such as hips, glutes and low back. Stretches are held for a longer period of time for maximum benefit.

Low Intensity Aerobics ::  Low intensity cardio class where you can experience the joy of rhythmic movement to music. This is a class that allows you to enjoy time with your friends and at the same time gives you a phenomenal workout. It is sure to leave you feeling more energized and alive.

Step and Tone :: Basic stepping combined with plate and band work for total body conditioning in an interval style training.

Strength & Balance :: Designed to help make everyday activities easier by increasing your balance and strength with both traditional and functional exercises. All levels of fitness are welcome. 

Tai Chi Concepts :: A series of natural movements using relaxation and breathing to generate health, longevity and internal strength & power.

Yoga Flex :: A gentle combination of flexibility moves including traditional yoga poses with an emphasis on balance, joint range of motion and core strengthening. Class ends with a cool down relaxation segment.


ESSENTRICS® Aging Backwards® :: Roll back joint pain and muscle loss at any age—through slow & gentle, scientifically designed full-body rebalancing workouts that focuses on increasing mobility, flexibility and relieving chronic aches, pains, and joint stiffness.

Silver Sneakers Cardio Circuit :: Low impact workouts that incorporate weights, stretch bands and low intensity cardio.

Open Pickleball is available.  Please check our Community Gym schedule for court times.

Senior walking is available.  Walk laps at your leisure.  20 laps = 1 mile
Please check the Family gym schedule for walking times.



Senior walking is available.  Walk laps at your leisure.  20 laps = 1 mile
Please check the Family gym schedule for walking times.


Water Fitness

Water fitness helps develop strength, increase muscle tone and flexibility, and provides a great aerobic workout.  

View our pool schedules page for available classes.


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