The Y's Hamilton Park Community Garden

The garden was created to offer free access to fresh garden vegetables and herbs for those who would like to enjoy the availability of fresh produce. 

With the help of Fond du Lac High School's Botany Class, plants are made ready for planting and the garden is then available for harvesting by the community. 


Garden Club Volunteers

Volunteers are needed for various projects and to keep the garden growing.  We are looking for volunteers interested in forming a Y Garden Club to help with the garden.  Please fill out the INTEREST FORM if you would like to be a part of a Y Garden Club.


The Y's Hamilton Park Community Garden Partners include:

  • SSM Health
  • City of Fond du Lac
  • Drexel Building Supply
  • Annie's Fountain City Cafe
  • Bud's Soils and Grading Service, LLC
  • Fond du Lac High School Botany Class
  • Special recognition for volunteer, Sue Perry

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The garden is located in Hamilton Park which is on Forest Avenue at Sophia Street in Fond du Lac.  In addition to the garden, the park has a playground, basketball court, and police and fire memorial.