Child Abuse Prevention Month

The development of children is the core of which the Y’s values were built. This is why the safety of all children in our care is our number one priority. Staff and volunteers at the Fond du Lac Family YMCA follow steps to ensure the safety of all children who come through our doors, whether they’re regular program participants or only visit once a year.

During Child Abuse Prevention Month, the Y wants to make sure that all members understand these safety steps. A key tool in abuse prevention is knowledge, so it’s important that parents and caregivers are informed of the Y’s policies around children. Together we can work to ensure all children in Fond du Lac reach their full potential.

We take the following steps to keep children in our programs safe:
–Detailed employment application forms.
–Comprehensive reference checks that include standardized questions that assess risk for abuse.
–Statement of compliance with the Fond du Lac Family YMCA Code of Conduct and Abuse Prevention Policies.
–Supervisors complete additional training to further promote a child safe environment.
–Staff and volunteers are mandated to report any suspected child abuse.
–Staff are prohibited from working 1-on-1 with or contacting youth outside of the Y (including babysitting and social networking).
–Policies exist to ensure staff & volunteers are not alone with a child. All interaction between a staff and child must be observable and interruptible.

If you have questions about the Y’s child safety measures policy, please contact Kristel Lougher.

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