Below is notification from the statewide YIG program CANCELING our trip this weekend. Our specific delegation updates are below that.

Delegates & families,

We are truly saddened to inform you that this weekend’s conference has been postponed due to potential health concerns associated with the coronavirus. Around this time yesterday, we had collectively decided to keep the conference on, but significant changes have taken place over even the past 24 hours that have forced us to reconsider this decision – as the situation evolved throughout the day, we appreciate the parents and advisors who reached out to let us know their thoughts. This decision to cancel was made by a group of YIG advisors, YMCA CEOs, and Alliance staff on a conference call this morning. Given the YMCA’s commitment to health and safety, we can not responsibly bring a large group of people together while the spread of the virus continues at such a rapid rate.

We do not make this decision lightly, and are deeply sorry for the disappointment you must feel. We do hope to reschedule this conference within the school year, if the public health climate allows. We will be in contact with your advisors regarding logistics and how to proceed. Please understand that they are also disappointed, and will have several students reaching out to them. Please be kind and patient with them, as they have worked very hard this year on your behalf, and are in no way to blame for this situation. Many of you will have questions, and they will be answered.

Some of the anticipated questions are below:

Will we reschedule?
We hope to! Unfortunately, with the unpredictability of the virus, it is impossible for us to set a date at the current time. We will also explore whether a virtual conference could be possible. All options are currently on the table, though the public health climate will largely determine what is possible.

Will I receive a refund?
Every delegation has a different conference payment model, so this information will be communicated to you by your delegation. We do hope to reschedule, so things are in limbo at this moment – after we get in touch with the hotel and capitol, we’re hoping to be able to give more direct guidance on this – thank you for your patience!

What about CONA and NJC?
At this point, we still plan to participate (unless, of course, those conferences also get cancelled). The selection processes will be decided shortly, but only students who have completed the applications will be considered.

We will keep you informed, and wish you and your families good health and safety. As always, feel free to reach out if we can be of service in any way.

In an abundance of caution, we have decided the following.

NO YIG on Monday, March 16th.

A decision on trip refunds will be made once it is determined if the trip will be rescheduled.

We will send updates on our future March meetings and School Board Candidate Forum (Tuesday, March 31st) in the coming week.

We will post these updates on Facebook and will email. 

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