Y Hosts Candy Cane Classic Gymnastics Meet

The Fond du Lac Family YMCA hosted the 10th annual Candy Cane Classic gymnastics meet on December 8th and 9th.

There were over 750 gymnasts competing from the following YMCA teams:  Fond du Lac,  Eau Claire, La Crosse, Metro Milwaukee, Stevens Point, Green Bay, Stateline, Heart of the Valley, Sheboygan, Wausau (Woodson), Green County, Kettle Moraine, Southwood County, GWC – Waukesha.  These 14 teams competed in levels 1-10, Xcel Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

Fond du Lac gymnasts, ages 6-17, competed in levels 1-5, 7, 8,  Xcel Silver, Xcel Gold and Xcel Platinum.  Finishers for Fondy include the following:

Level  1

Piper Daleiden:  2nd vault, 7th Bars, 6th Beam, 1st T floor, 3rd T All Around

Aiyana Pantojas:  6th T vault, 3rd Beam, 6th T floor, 6th All Around

Marley Sacotte:   5th Bars, 6th T Floor

Level 2

Madelin Allain: 8th T Bars

Megan Hall:  7th T Bars, 3rd T Floor

Peyton Hall:  6th Bars, 8th T Floor

Nova Martin:  9th Bars

Madelyn Milton:  2nd Bars, 1st Beam, 5th All Around

Alexandra Pagel: 3rd T Beam, 4th T Floor

Ellisyn Shultis:  7th T Vault, 9th T Bars, 11th T All Around

Adelynn Thanos:  4th T Bars, 5th T Beam, 4th T Floor, 3rd T All Around

Kenlie Tiedt:  3rd T Vault

Kiersten Winter: 7th T Vault

Level 3

Adalin Anderson:  4th T Vault,  1st Bars,  1st Beam,  2nd Floor,  1st All Around

Cara Barfknecht:  1st T Vault

Sienna Ditter:  8th T Bars, 6th T Beam, 6th T All Around

Mya Epp:  8th T Vault,  9th Bars

Lainey Figgs:  1st T Vault, 4th T Bars,  3rd T Bars,  5th All Around

Carly Goebel:  5th T Vault

Mia Hamburg:  1st Bar, 9th Floor, 6th T All Around

Emma Manderscheid:  10th T Vault,  8th T Beam,  7th Floor,  8th All Around

Hope Stark:  2nd T Vault,  5th T Beam

Molly Steinbarth:  8th T Bars, 6th T Beam

Level 4

Isabel Pieper:  7th T Bars, 3rd T Floor,  7th All Around

Lilia Redig:  9th Beam

Kaitlyn Winter: 11th T Vault,  10th Bars,  12th Beam,  11th T Floor,  10th T All Around

Level 5:

Alley Kremer:  3rd T Vault

Kendra Marquardt:  3rd Beam,  7th All Around

LydiaThompson:  2nd Vault

Level 7

Evelyn Nery:  10th T Beam

Level 8

Taylin Gerner:  1st Vault,  1st Bars,  3rd T Floor,  1st All Around

Xcel Gold

Mara Kreinke:  2nd T Bars,  7th All Around

Xcel Platinum

Alyssa Dalton:  1st Vault,  1st Bar,  1st Floor,  1st All Around

Shauna Hoff:  2nd Vault,  4th Bars,  2nd Floor,  3rd All Around

Haley Tovar:  2nd Bars,  4th All Around


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